Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hi Everyone! I've moved my entertainment operations to Nina on Everything!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Kids Are Back In Town!!

Hallelujah! Praise the comedy gods! For the Kids are back!! Yes, the Kids in the Hall, hot off their live North American tour, are going to be making their television come back! They are penning a new miniseries that will air on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) and be called "Death Came To Town." Why that sounds like comic gold! What could be unfunny about death?

The project is still in the developmental stage but it sounds like it going to be a go! At least it better be or I am going up there! The word is that it's going to have a narrative arch through all the episodes but will still try to retain a sketch like format. Sounds funny! Hopes raising!

Oh, I can not wait. And I will try my hardest not to be saddened at the fact that they actually age, which means they are real human beings and not, as I praise earlier, comic gods. At least not ones that get granted eternal youth, only Carol Channing got that. 

Oh how I miss them so... It's going to be a long wait. I may need your support. There will be nights of waking up twitching like the Chicken Lady, muttering "No! The beard stays! You go.," and of course the intense craving for saaaaauuuusssaages

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alice In Wonderland News: Johnny Depp As The Mad Hatter!

Oh boy! Finally there's a peek into the world of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland remake. This is the first photo released of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. He looks like the ghost of Mad Hatter's past. Looks like it had the potential to be as spooky and crazy as I want it to be! 

Skip It: The Changeling

It's true I went into this film skeptical. I already knew how the true story it was based on ended, and wasn't too interesting in investing over two hours into it. 

I must say though, that the period elements of this film, such as costumes and sets were lovely and on the mark. Sadly, setting is not everything. While John Malkovich, as a radio preacher helping Christine(Jolie), is solid in his supporting role, I found most of the acting over the top, especially from Angelina Jolie. She spends most of the movie crying hysterically, screaming, or being severely stoic to pinpoint the absence of hysterical crying. I found none of these emotions particularly effective, and more bluntly, pretty damn irritating.  

She wasn't the only actor who fell flat though. Michael Kelly, as one of the film's de facto bad guys, plays the worst Irish cop stereotype I have witnessed since childhood Bugs Bunny cartoons. We are also never given a peek behind his cruelty to find out what his motive are for the endless tortures he inflicts on Jolie's Christine.  

While there were redeeming elements to the film that I wish they had focused on more, such as the politics behind this case and the systemic corruption of the LA police force, I guess that would have been another movie all together. A more interesting, less sentimental, and less emotionally manipulative movie. "I WANT MY SON BACK!" Yes, I know, we get it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Colbert In The Fast Lane

Today I was browsing through the Urban Outfitters website and found a clear case of, well let's call a spade a spade, identity theft. There on there website, disguised as "Carpool Kenny," is a clear likeness of Stephen Colbert. 
Dun dun DUN!!!

Look at the stern masculine jaw! The perfectly groomed head of hair! All it needs is asymmetrical ears and it would be a dead ringer. Not that I wouldn't rather stupidly try to break the law with an inflatable Colbert as opposed to some random guy named Kenny, but they should clearly be giving him a cut. And he should talk.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let There Be... Priate Ship and Penis and Bombs!

Have over three thousand euros burning a hole in your pocket and a love of luxury and of penis? Then look no farther! Netherlands artist Hans van Bentem has created the perfect sculptural art piece for you. The Daily Candy is showcasing the beautifully phallic chandelier and led me to the page where I found that it's also available in gun, pirate ship, skull and crossbones, and more! Check these out! Ok I am definitely going to be needing one of these as soon as I filthy rich.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Jon Hamm on 30 Rock?!

Sources confirm today that Jon Hamm, of Mad Men and now SNL fame, will appear on a multi-episode story arch on 30 Rock!! I know, I don't think I will be able to handle the sheer awesomeness. 

Apparently he is going to be playing Tina Fey's love interest and neighbor on the show. She must have been impressed with his comedic chops on last week's Saturday Night Live. He was like a shining glimmer of perfect handsomness and talent in the murk of the poorly written SNL swamp that was last week's show.

Now the 30 Rock last night? (Thursday 9:30) That was comedy! Hope everyone is watching!
Just for fun and for hot imagination purposes I am icluding amazingly smokin' pictures of both actors.